Thursday, March 27, 2014

She is growing up. Oh my.

Tomorrow evening Kaya is going to her first ever dance. It's the daddy/daughter dance at school. I've heard a few of you talk about this and now I get to experience it. Well, kind of.

Last week we had a shopping date and sushi dinner. I got her her dress that night.

Last night I took aside two hours and flat ironed all of her hair which takes just about 2 hours if she's already washed/dried.

Today I took her out for shoes. I thought that would be easy peasy. Ha! First stop was Nine West where she fell in love with a pair of jade colored ballet flats but the WOMENS sie 6 was too small and 7 was too big, they did not offer half sizes. We went to 3 other shoe stores before just stumbling into Payless of all places where she decided "these are the ones". Partly out of hunger and fatigue and partly because they are close to matching the dress color. I really didn't want to take the flip flop route but OH WELL.

Then, one more store for nail/toe polish, a sparkly new headband and a pair of earrings. And, my entry would not be complete without pictures of what we bought. And tomorrow I will of course post pic of them all dressed and ready.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homemade Laundry Detergent: DIY

I just love sharing my successes and failures in the Do it Yourself category. This is definitely a success! I have made this over and over again with the same excellent outcome!

See my recipe and some results! ....

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