Monday, November 25, 2013

I prefer to bake that day, not shop.

Thanksgiving idea, I would change it up though and do some pumpkin, some lemon meringue. maybe some tiny pecan pies too!
Whip up your family's favorite pumpkin pie, only this year, try it in chic miniature. Make baby versions by baking the pie in cupcake tins, then create the "pie crust" by piping frosting on the top.
Warning: following the link to my cupcakes board on Pinterest will make you drool, and then possibly go bake things.

more goodness here! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Please, say hell no to GMO.

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GMO foods have been on my mind a lot lately. A few months ago I read a disturbing article accompanied by pictures of a pig's stomach insides that had been totally destroyed by eating GMO corn. It got me thinking. I eat pork, my kids eat pork and that pork may have been eating GMO feed while it was still a pig. Then, I started to look into which food in our pantry were okay and not safe. The first one that disturbed me was Cheerios as those are a staple in this house. My middle child will ask for them for two meals a day sometimes. I am guessing I will go search for an alternative at Wegmans or Whole Foods, maybe Trader Joes. I have not yet found an entire cereal company that I can trust with the exception of Nature's Path. Kellog's cereal is FULL of gmo. I am writing this post in hopes that you will read it and do some research of your own. I am scared for our country to be honest.

It's illegal to use GMO in any food products in Europe. What are we doing in the US? I have begun signing any petitions I can find that are urging companies to remove GMO ingredients or to at least properly label the packaging. It seems that these companies don't feel we have a right to know what we are consuming and giving to our families. That does not sit well with me.

In case you're not fully aware of GMO corn you should know that this is scientifically engineered corn that makes its own pesticides, so that when corn worms bite into it, their stomachs explode.

Think about that for a minute. You know, it's a fact that "round up" insecticide is spliced into the corn seeds so that the corn's tissue itself produces insecticide. Terrifying, no? Organic corn looks ugly, and has worms...true. But, it can be washed, and boiled and consumed without worrying what about the harm you're doing to your body.

Here is a disturbing fact for you. 95% of corn in the United States and Canada is GMO. Yes, ninety five percent. Scary, isn't it?

The more I look into it, it seems like nothing is 'safe'.

The biggest threats are found in: soy, corn, canola, sugarbeets and alfalfa. sugar beets are turned into syrups that are found in many, many foods.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween class teacher gift.

In the end of 1998 I bought my first set of dishes with my ex in our first apartment. They were black stoneware from Ikea and at the time were totally the cat's meow. A few days ago I came across the very last piece of it that I had not free-cycled or donated and suddenly I was compelled to grab some supplies and start crafting. It's funny how and where inspiration can strike sometimes.

I decided it was destined to be a pumpkin.

First I thought I'd be all good just grabbing one of the kids orange tempura paints. That did not work out at all. It was way, way too transparent.  So, I went for the big guns. Mama's GOOD paint.

I began with orange and red and decided I had to kick it up a notch with the gold. It was not quite right as you can see from my first attempt below:

Then, BAM! I had it. beautiful golden orange like I had imagined.

Well, he's cute enough but then I saw an empty hard plastic container from some cotton swabs in one of my crafting drawers and again I was inspired that instead of holding some candy in cellophane this pumpkin wanted to be a pencil holder. With a pretty pattern
I had in my scrap booking paper stash. I get excited about things like this. I can't help it.

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