Monday, February 27, 2012

School Lunches.

Preparing school lunches is a big deal in this house. I don't allow just anything into my 6 year olds lunchbox. I like there to be a perfectly balanced meal. I like her to always have a fruit and a veggie. I also only give her a treat on Fridays. It works out for us and I hope she will keep letting me dictate her school lunches for many years to come...and not start with the craze of trading for a friend's Lunchable or Twinkie for god's sake. Oh, especially since Twinkies (and snowballs, and many other snack cakes) CONTAIN BEEF FAT. oh lord. beef fat in cake?! Yes, it's true. Also, we don't eat beef in the house. I like to use reusable containers as much as I can for her lunches. On a rare day I'll use a brown paper bag and give her throwaway bags or plastic wrap with her food. She'll always come home those days and remark on how it was so weird to throw away her lunchbox (and not have to bring utensils or thermos home). A few shots of some lunch stuff:

the band is to keep it closed obviously, but kitty just looks so much more badass with her headband, I love it. What's inside?
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