Friday, June 9, 2017

ketogenic & low carb/high fat/no sugar

As of Monday (June 5) I have been following a LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet. I'm bordering on ketogenic diet but I am doubtful that I will reach ketosis while pregnant. Also, little to no sugar.

This is a lot harder than it seems. For me, anyway.

Here are some things I will be eating:

Yes, that is a lot of cheese! Many different kinds and I'm excited to cook with it! Here is the rundown:

1. Kerrygold Irish butter
2. 2 packs of shaved 100% Parmesan cheese (to make 'crisps' with. Perfect for those salty/crunchy cravings.
3. lots of cheddar cheese (2 bags shredded. 2 bricks for slicing)
4. lots of mozzarella (shredded) for cloud bread, fat head pizza and adding to salads.
5. 2 containers of cottage cheese. Some like it for breakfast with fruit (nope!) I like mine with lemon pepper seasoning, and it's a more substantial snack/lunch with celery along with it.
6. 8 pack of cream cheese. This seems like a lot, yes. But, it's a main ingredient for my keto pancakes, cloud bread, keto cheesecake, and more) It's also good with celery or on keto bagels. There are so many choices when you have a bunch of cream cheese on hand.
7. Sugar free vanilla and hazlenut coffee creamer.
8. Whole milk but it's lactose free. Obviously, it's better for my tummy and also it has none of the sugar.
9. bacon! because bacon.
10. lot's of ground turkey. I don't eat beef so this is my main meat besides chicken.

(left) I got 3 packages of the breakfast sausage because it was on sale for 99cents each. and because with 6 of us, it doesn't last all that long. This is another fast breakfast item I can have. turkey meatballs are for dinners and I can have them too! (right) But, instead of pasta I will be trying the 'noodles' below.  I will report back as soon as I try them. No carbs! I really hope they taste good!

(left) so much ham. all the ham steaks! This is popular dinner for the kids, and I can use the leftovers the next morning with my eggs. I meant to buy 2 steaks but I was online shopping and grabbed 2 of them by mistake. (right) LOTS of lettuce. I like salad and we use it for dinners and lunches as well. I also got some butter/bibb lettuce to try out for putting salads into/lettuce wraps etc. Frozen peas for snacking and for meal add ins. Grapes are for the kids.

 (left) More chicken! chicken is so versatile and it helps me stay on track. Whatever I do not use for dinner for the 6 of us (soon to be 7), I know that the leftovers are easy to use. (right) This is a no no for me because I was told to have no soda. zero soda. but but's SO good. the sugar free aspect is good and the lime factor is so sour and perfect for refreshing you. I'm 5 day in having no soda...and I am addicted to soda. a lot. This is a huge accomplishment for me.

(left) okay so, the sugar free syrup is self explanatory. It's syrup without sugar! win! I put this on the cream cheese pancakes/crepes and it's wonderful. The red vinegar is for my salads and to be honest, it's a craving I have had with every single pregnancy I've gone through. (this is the 5th) The creamy Italian is 4g. of carbs for 2 table spoons so that is for a treat because I love it. Mainly, I stick to the vinegar with spices and a touch of oil. (right) I have not tried these yet. I will report back but 6 carbs is great for me to have a nice lunch or breakfast wrap.  I can stuff this thing full of good things that I can eat and be fully satisfied!

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