Saturday, August 23, 2014

Do you get 5 a day?

At the dinner table one night last week my family was discussing "people that don't even know what vegetables are" as my 9 year old phrased it. She told me about kids asking about the various vegetables in her lunch, in her sushi, as her "snack" in school. Then we talked about kids on a TV show we saw (It was either Nanny 911, or Wife Swap...something of that nature) and the kids had actually never SEEN some of the basic vegetables my family eats every single day. It was funny to me at first but then I realized it was sad. I wanted to go saute some kale for them or show them how good chard can be, or maybe just start with a basic power salad with raw spinach and strawberries.

I realized that there is another way for people who are not INTO eating them straight up, cooked or raw. So, you can drink your 5 a day! One shake/smoothie, or spread it out over the day if you want. Here is one of my favorites that I have dubbed the G-Bop. That's right. You can order a G-bop in my kitchen. (This is greens with banana, orange and pineapple). It's actually pretty wonderful.

Don't be nervous to try something might be surprised at how much you like getting the added health benefits of getting in your daily quota of fresh fruits and vegetables...without eating the vegetable. More energy, and staying full longer are the first things I personally noticed with the G-Bop. Secondly, I was uh...more - regular. predictable if you will. And, no feeling bloaty or crampy as I would with a dairy smoothie/shake. This is a major win for me!

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