Thursday, July 10, 2014


I can't with this list.

Every year the Social Security Administration releases a baby name list. A site called Nameberry took a look at that list and pulled out the wackiest names. And, then I take the time to find you MY favorites because this is my space. nyah. As I put this out onto the inter-webs I must add that my children are: Kaya, Andrew, Benjamin and Emmaline and I have been criticized for mainly 2 of those names multiple times. I'll let you guess which two. I still adore both names for life! :D

From 2013, my favorites: (as in to laugh at and pray for them when their resumes start hitting the world) Sigh.

For the boys...
Kaptain. Kyndle. Kaptiain Subaru!
And for the little girls...
Vanellope or...
Charlemagne Pistol.

Kinzington Prezlee!

And, yes, people actually have now named their babies hashtag. I kid you not. 


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