Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pantry Paint for the kids.

There is nothing worse than hearing my kids tell me there is "NOTHING TO DO". Really? Because let me tell you...the 2 full playrooms we have in this house, say otherwise. So does the backyard with the swing-set/slide/fort combo. Nope. Not having it. I whipped up a batch of PANTRY PAINT as I have named it and had them go out into the driveway in the backyard and play/paint.
It entertained them for about an hour, for me...that's a WIN. I managed to mow the front and back yard while they were creating. K made a painting of Ariel the mermaid and then her little brother A destroyed it. typical :) But, they they had fun dumping out the cups of leftover "paint" afterwards too. Whee. Total cost, $0 since I had both items on hand in my pantry (hence the name), but you can buy corn starch, dish detergent and food coloring for under $4 in most stores.

I made ours using 2 cups of water and 2 cups of corn starch and about 1.5 tablespoons of natural liquid dish detergent (the kind for hand wash not dishwashers. duh) and then played around with different color combinations in paper cups. You could really have fun with this. Hopscotch, basketball shot circles, I even thought about mixing in some of the glow-stick liquid for glow in the dark fun. Maybe a late night hopscotch game?

And, the little artist:
ps - what's up with all of the pins on pinterest that don't work? diamond glitter, huh? :)
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