Sunday, May 7, 2017

Grey's Anatomy Drinking Game!

I was sitting around watching Grey's Anatomy one night and saw the title of the episode and all of a sudden I started laughing to myself saying "in her vagina" after the title. Then, I decided to make a few more with other episode titles because obviously I had way too much time on my hands. I have come up with the following for your enjoyment.

Step One: Find all of the episode titles.
Step Two: Add one of the following to it: "His penis is" (add to the beginning) or (In) her vagina" (add to the end).
Step Three: Add to both beginning and ending if you can. Bonus!
Step Four: Men drink for the penis title. Women drink for the vagina title. Both? Everyone drink!
Step Five: Enjoy. Come up with your own rules on when to take drinks after that.

Hey! I'm pregnant and can't drink anyway, so I gave you the idea....just run with it. Or, walk. After're drinking!

Here are some of my favorites from Season 13 I'll share with you:

Ep. 22: Leave it Inside her vagina
Ep. 20: His penis is In the Air tonight
Ep. 19: What's Inside her vagina
Ep. 13: It only gets much worse in her vagina
Ep. 9: You haven't done nothin' in her vagina
Ep. 12: His penis is None of your business

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