Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Something old, something blue, something vintage...something OOOOH!

Here are a few vintage finds that I doubt you will find anywhere else. If you do, PLEASE tell me. Show me!
Okay, Here we go. On a trip down thrift shop jackpot lane:

I have never seen anything like this, nor can I find anything like it, or mentioning anything like it online. It's a vintage  JC Pennys tag but the actual dress front has a copyright Muppets, Inc. and it's got the wonderful Oscar the Grouch on the front of course. The top is hand sewn I believe due to some tiny tiny flaws I can see on the inside, or maybe a machine with a foot pump thing.

 "I am green" on one side and "Yo soy verde" on the other" uh, size 6? Is this a shirt? A smock? I am so going to throw this on Emmaline as soon as it "fits" as as dress and make her wear it for as long as it "fits" as a shirt with leggings and jeans because I like it. so there. sorry 4th baby. neener neener! because you're a girl...this is just the way it is. I like to play dress up. :) love you. Oscar the Grouch Vintage smock tunic, size six, by JC Penny/Muppets.

top left: Polly Flinders Vintage hand smoked dress.
t2 is what we now call 2t. So, it's adorable! navy blue with tiny red stamped flowers.

top right: The cover of this book reminded me of 80% of the paperback covers that I was used to reading as a child so I grabbed it too from my thrift shop adventures of the day.
 bottom: brand NEW (ha! that always makes me laugh when it's a vintage item) with tags.
Nannette brand vintage baby romper. elastic seems to be brand spanking new. all eyelet detail is bright white. So exciting. 

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