Monday, October 5, 2015

hashtag FABULOUS.

Yesterday, my husband helped me escape the house (more on that in a post about my oldest child...) and kids and jump in the van SOLO to head over to the Big Fat Flea. So excited! Got to meet someone I have followed for awhile on on Instagram as well as a VERY long time friend I have known ince about 1998 circa the lj/interwebs world. Pretty exciting to give her a big fat hug too!! Hi Tara! Hi Rachel!

So, this Lambo (heh) got on 78 East at the same exit as me leaving my town and was doing its best to drive 100 mph and get everywhere FASTER THAN ANYONE in any lane. Once he was the fastest again, he'd go back down to like 75 mpg like the rest of us. It kind of irritated me. I was like, Okay, we get it. That thing is FAST. 

The engine was SO LOUD, everyone turned their heads to watch the car. I think he was doing all kinds of extra revving it up though. At one point, I think he fucked up and did a nice big engine drop before the Holland Tunnel. I laughed. Once inside the tunnel though, I was the car directly in FRONT of him and decided to help him out! I gave him little "raceways" to work with. He kept revving it up and going fast then stopping. So, I'd wait until there was big space in front of me, then go while he'd wait back...then I'd give a big THUMBS UP out of my window and he'd FLY up then stop. We played the game all the way through the tunnel. I'm a teenager still, what can I say?

I could not help but take a picture of WILF Hall. Because Wilf. Woman I'd like to eff? Wife I'd like to eff? I am so awkward and anxious sometimes. ha. I spent an hour trying to pull my tights up. They fell under down approximately 300 times into my boots. I got a bunch of compliments on my dress and also gave out a few business cards. NOW, If only I had ALL OF MY INVENTORY UP! If you are in the market for something, anything, vintage. Just shout it out. I may have it. Seriously. I have a massive shop inventory. 

I did not get my fabulous necklace or bag at the Flea but I did feel the need to share them with you today as I was feeling very fabulous in them. Yellow and Fabulous described my Sunday (10/4). Necklace is painted on wood from a seller on Etsy I will come back and fill in. The bag is by West.

So, "WHAT DID YOU BUY"??? You ask? Here we go.

Vintage dress that caught my eye immediately and I did not put it down. I imagined it belted first. Then, flowy with boots. Then, I imagined it bloused underneath into a tulip skirt thing. Wheee!!!!


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