Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween class teacher gift.

In the end of 1998 I bought my first set of dishes with my ex in our first apartment. They were black stoneware from Ikea and at the time were totally the cat's meow. A few days ago I came across the very last piece of it that I had not free-cycled or donated and suddenly I was compelled to grab some supplies and start crafting. It's funny how and where inspiration can strike sometimes.

I decided it was destined to be a pumpkin.

First I thought I'd be all good just grabbing one of the kids orange tempura paints. That did not work out at all. It was way, way too transparent.  So, I went for the big guns. Mama's GOOD paint.

I began with orange and red and decided I had to kick it up a notch with the gold. It was not quite right as you can see from my first attempt below:

Then, BAM! I had it. beautiful golden orange like I had imagined.

Well, he's cute enough but then I saw an empty hard plastic container from some cotton swabs in one of my crafting drawers and again I was inspired that instead of holding some candy in cellophane this pumpkin wanted to be a pencil holder. With a pretty pattern
I had in my scrap booking paper stash. I get excited about things like this. I can't help it.

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