Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little handmade for the holiday.

Of all the ornaments I made this year, my favorite ones were the most simple. Sure, I could have been fancier and got out the hot glue gun and attached a permanent ribbon hanger, or added a little bit of glitter...but I really enjoy the end result here. Just a plain glass ornament filled with artificial snow. Simple, elegant, beautiful. Here it is pictured on my tree.

This year, in addition to some lovely store bought goodies and a few fantastic Ebay & Etsy scores, I gave out several handmade gifts. I got the urge to buy a bunch of plain glass ornaments and fill em with different things.

Adam, being the wonderful man that he is, even went out on Christmas Eve to get me more fake snow, ribbon and glitter. I love him. Here, I will show you what we did, and hopefully you will get some ideas and inspiration to make some for yourself. Out of 20 made, I believe I kept 2.

I like knowing that my craft will hopefully don several Holiday trees or windows or mantles next year.

Here are our salt dough ornaments. I had a lot of fun with the kids doing them this year.

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